GPS Vehicle Tracking System

AIS 140 Certified GPS Device | ARAI Complaint GPS Device | ICAT Approved GPS Device | RTO Certified GPS Device

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Real time vehicle tracking means that the tracking device relays the information and its location live to your PC. In other words, you can view the location and other information live and in real time. With Trackster’s Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System, your mobile workforce would never be out of sight or mind. Trackster offers real time data, including vehicle location, speed and other information, all at your fingertips.

Trackster’s Real Time Vehicle Tracking System is designed to help customer to reduce operating costs & enhance revenues of businesses by improving productivity and efficiency which results in delivering improved customer service.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Specalised Tracking Solution

Trackster Technologies, a market leader in M2M, has the ability to develop customised M2M solutions and is offering several Specialized Tracking Solutions like Container Tracking, Smartphone/Sales Force Tracking, Vessel Tracking, Personal Tracking, Asset Tracking, etc.

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Specialized Tracking

Remote Monitoring Solution

Trackster Technologies is pioneer in field of IOT and has been working on deployment of several Machine to Machine (M2M) Remote monitoring Solution for most of Machines.

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Remote Monitoring System

Segments - Industry Based Solutions

We work closely with our customers belong to all Industry Segment to determine the best solution based on their specific need set, Industry, Asset type and geographic location.


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Industry Based Segments

Key Benefits to Fleet Owners

Trackster Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutionand Extensive Reports brings key benefits by reducing fuel cost, higher operational efficiency, controlling unauthorised routes, driver behaviour, stoppage control, fuel theft control, travel distance monitoring, etc.

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Trackster Benefits

CCTV and Wifi in Train/ Bus

In Today’s Digitally connected World, it is utmost important to stay connected even while you are on move. Trackster Technologies Solution enables real time CCTV monitoring and also provide Wireless Broadband in moving Bus, Train.

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CCTV Monitoring System

Optical Wireless Link (OWL)

OWL - Optical Wireless Linkis super highway of wireless Data Transfer is a virtual wireless OFC which works on free-space optics (FSO) Technology. This line-of-sight technology approach uses invisible beams of light to provide optical bandwidth connections.

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Optical Wireless Links - OWL