Key Benefits to Fleet owners

Trackster Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution and Extensive Reports brings key benefits by reducing fuel cost, higher operational efficiency, controlling unauthorised routes, driver behaviour, stoppage control, fuel theft control, travel distance monitoring etc.

Locate vehicles in real time:
Always know the location of each vehicle in your fleet to enhance daily operations and real-time fraud detection.

Control fuel costs:
Monitor driver behavior to reduce idle time and unauthorized vehicle use for fuel savings up to 30%.

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Reduce maintenance expenses:
Improve employee driving through driver coaching and real-time behavior management (speeding, Frequent Ignition ON/OFF, stopovers etc), to keep your vehicles running smoothly and prevent accidents before they happen.

Monitor time reporting to reduce frauds:
Track actual hours worked for drivers with precise vehicle start and stop times by tracking vehicle usage and mileage.

Vehicle tags:
Manage larger fleets using the flexible vehicle tags to identify vehicles belonging in one or more groups for viewing and managing.




Extensive Reports

Trackster offers you a rich set of GPS Vehicle Tracking reports with the detailed history of driver and vehicle activities in real time. With Trackster, you get a number of comprehensive reports containing information on location, speed, stops, violations and much more to improve your fleet management operations and reduce costs. Reports can be previewed online or received through email and the report generation can also be scheduled at varying frequencies. Trackster is capable of generating a multitude of reports in real time.

Here are just a few of the different reports Trackster offers to help you run an effective fleet: