Cold Chain Temperature Tracking

There are a few sensitive products like pharmaceutical products and food which require continuous environmental monitoring from production until usage. Since these products are subject to certain regulations, there arises a need for regular monitoring for cold chain temperature. Trackster Technology offers complete cold chain temperature tracking solutions that help wireless monitoring of containers at anyplace.

Our end-to-end temperature monitoring device is used by many logistics companies to track, protect and control the refrigerated goods and optimize the usage. Find some of the advantages of cold chain temperature tracking.

Advantages of Cold Chain Temperature Tracking

Trackster GPS tracking system provides effective fleet management and cold chain temperature monitoring solutions for your vehicle and goods. Some of the advantages of our cold chain temperature tracking system are:

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Uses of Cold Chain Temperature Tracking System

Some of the major uses of Cold Chain temperature tracking systems are, they are vital element during transportation of fuel, fresh food, vaccines, and serums. Our GPS provide real-time alters during route deviation, zone intrusion, and temperature change due some reasons such as break down. When any temperature difference occur, the cold temperature tracking system send alerts and you can do the needful immediately by finding out the real cause.

Many reasons such as taking wrong route, bad maintenance or lack of equipments can cause breakdown of trucks or other transportation vehicle. This may result in huge loss. Hence it is imperial to monitor the perfect transportation of the goods. This is possible only by installing cold chain temperature tracking system. So choose the best GPS system from Trackster and secure your product from huge losses.