Crane tracking Solutions

Whether it is construction work or an accident, cranes plays a significant role in its process. A crane when used in its best way gives you the best result and you can speed up the operations. Cranes are majorly used to lift and move heavy objects such as heavy construction materials, vehicles, debris, and so on. But when a crane is not maintained well it will not work properly and may result in huge losses.

Crane Maintenance

  • Mechanical problems- bearing problems, creating the wheels to drag and wear. on one side
  • An electrical Problems- Sudden stoppage of motor.
  • High-speed crash which may twist the structure

The Importance of Our Crane Tracking System

Cranes are being very expensive, it is important to monitor and check it constantly. Our crane tracking system tracks the complete system and provides service through web-based tracking system.

Features and Benefits of Trackster Crane Tracking System:

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Our Crane tracking system tracks provides reports and alerts. The alert services we offer are

Apart from this our device provides highly professional tracker features such as

No installation is necessary and your crane is monitored through latest devices such as PC, MAC, iPAD, smartphone or IPAD. Once you log in, you can find the battery life and when to charge it. Moreover you can check all event report instantly and of the past one year.