Fuel Monitoring System

Trackster works with an objective to help the vehicle owners to automate their day-to-day fleet operational tasks and manage them in the right way through GPS tracking solutions. If your vehicle fueling efficiency doesn't work, then consider Trackster fuel monitoring system to prevent tank draining and double-dealings.

Basically, fuel is very important, and the cost of fuel is always a fear when it comes to cost-effectiveness and profit and hence fuel monitoring is an inevitable factor in fleet management to gain fuel efficiency.

There are many aspects that influence fuel efficiency, by accruing knowledge in these factors will help the real-time improvement of fuel efficiency and can reduce fuel cost.

  • Up-to-date Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Get informed on fuel draining
  • Fuel Efficiency Reports

The reason behind the fleet owners to implement vehicle Tracking System in their vehicle is to have complete control on their vehicle while on road. Additionally, they need to reduce fuel wastage by implementing fuel monitoring system.

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Benefits of Implementing Trackster Fuel Monitoring Systems

You just need to subscribe fuel monitoring system from Trackster to avoid helpless fuel theft and to monitor fuel tank level. The Trackster fuel monitoring system works in three levels

On-site Tank Fuel Level Monitoring: With the help of tank Gauge, the fuel storage tank level is monitored on site once the fuel is transferred from the delivery tank. This information is automatically updated on the monitoring system and provides data on the current fuel level in the tank. The system can detect any leakage if any, through leak level analysis

Monitoring Vehicles and Drivers: Drivers and vehicles are identified through a pin number by the fuel monitoring system after refueling.

Real-Time Data Reports: The operators can use the fuel monitoring system and gain information on their fuelling costs and get a detailed report on fuel stock, consumption, vehicle, and location. The report also highlights the areas which cause a drop-in fuel efficiency and provides suggestions to improve it.

Trackster Fuel Monitoring Systems at a Remote Level

Trackster Fuel Monitoring Systems works remotely, where the reports provide information on on-site fuel storage levels, received stock level and the fuel delivered at fuelling points and so on.

Moreover, the system can provide a report on per vehicle fuel consumption. It also gives alerts on fuel drain and refueling.

Furthermore, the behavior of the driver is monitored which help the owner to provide training if needed. Get the real-time reports in a printed form and manage your fleet in the best way and gain profit.