Truck Tracking Solutions

When it comes to managing a fleet of trucks, it looks complex and requires exceptional skills and experience. Nevertheless, it is a cumbrous task to monitor trucks in transit and know the exact time it ran or stopped. Trackster truck tracking offer real-time location of every truck in fleet and make smart decisions.

Our truck tracking device helps you continuously monitor the trucks and receive accurate information of fuel usage and routes to help you run your business efficiently and successfully. Here are the numerous benefits of using Trackster truck tracking system to reduce your operational costs.

Benefits of Trackster for Effective Truck Tracking

  • Real-time truck tracking: Get the exact mapped location of the vehicles and know whether the truck is on the move or parked. In a way, this helps you to keep tabs on the work-time schedule compliance.
  • Manage vehicle movement: Our truck tracking helps with regular monitoring of each truck and send real-time information on route deviation and unscheduled stops.
  • Optimal use of vehicle resources: With our truck tracking system offering precise information on truck engine idling, location, fuel consumption and driver behavior, you can optimize the truck usage and bring in more revenue, as well as performance.

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Need for Truck Tracking

There is need for truck tracking for you cannot predict vehicle problems like breakdowns and thefts, which results in bad customer service and feedback. Moreover, the rising cost of fuel and excessive consumption ask for proper monitoring to reduce expenditure.

So, go smart and use our truck tracking for all your problems.